Alma Woodsey Thomas knew intimately the undeniable relationship between colour and feelings, and the two were inextricably tied to one another in her work.  

“Through colour, I have sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than on man’s inhumanity to man.” 

alma Woodsey thomas short course art history for children

It was through her use of colour that Alma Thomas depicted breathtaking works of abstraction and ‘accidental beauty’ as she called it. 

Painting Music and Art aims to open up this window of understanding into the works of our greatest artists, like Alma Thomas, for children and curious adults to discover the rich treasure trove of our art and musical history from prehistoric times to the 21st century.  

I passionately believe that’s there’s not an inch of this earth that hasn’t been touched by creativity. I’m here to guide you through the history of art and music so that you’ll marvel at the magic and miracles all around you.

Moreover, I believe that there has never been a more pressing need to introduce our children and curious adults to the wonders of our artistic and musical heritage than today.

Alma Woodsey Thomas at her studio and her painting, “The Eclipse” (1970)

To celebrate the launch of Painting Music and Art, I am giving you a FREE short course into the mesmerising work of Alma Woodsey Thomas so that you can allow her work to nurture your mind and soul, open your heart, and inspire you to give yourself the trust to lead with curiosity, playfulness and creativity in everything you do.

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