Have you always wished you knew more about music and art history but you don't know where to start?

Here’s just some of the questions I get asked daily: “Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?”, “Why do you like Opera, how are you understanding what’s going on?”, “I’m not intellectual enough to understand this” and so it goes on!

Can you relate?

Because you know that you LOVE the arts but you find yourself trawling the internet for hours, day after day and year after year feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there! 

You keep thinking, “Surely there has to be a better, more joyful way of learning than this?”

I’ve got good news for you: Learning about music and art history gets to be SO much fun, full of ease, and pure and utter joy.

That’s right: it DOESN’T HAVE to be overwhelming (or bogged down in technical, stuffy jargon!) 

So now, can you imagine having a personal guide into the arts without the need to Google everything, to feel overwhelm, to have a simple and illuminating structure.

How do I know?

Because I truly and passionately believe that we’re all creative beings. And there’s not an inch of this earth that hasn’t been touched by creativity! It’s a signature of our species!

In fact, creativity is in our DNA. It’s found in our ancestors who were makers of beautiful things and it’s also found in you and me.

Human beings have been creative since prehistoric times, dating all the way back to 40,000 BC, starting from aboriginal cave paintings.

And our modern times are no different! In the time of social media, images and audio pervade our lives.

Simply put: There’s not an inch of this earth that hasn’t been touched by creativity. In fact, wherever we find people we find artistic expression. 

You see, we  were built for rapture and awe. And once you learn about the arts, you too will be able to open yourself up to the wonders of the world that exist all around us.

And now is THE time because I truly and passionately believe that there has never been a more pressing need to learn about the wonders of our artistic and musical heritage than today.  

But let’s face it; our education systems have let us down and this leads us to going to galleries and concerts often having NO idea WHAT is going on! And at worst with the feeling that you don’t ‘belong’ there.

Have you been there? Well, no more!

But I know what you’re thinking: that sounds lovely but where on earth do we start digging into the richness of our artistic and musical history and surroundings?

Keep reading and let me show you how.

What is The Academy and how can it help me?

The Academy is a one-of-a-kind, unique art AND music history online monthly membership that I created for YOU so that you can turn a curiosity for learning about the arts from a “one day, maybe…” dream, to a “let’s do it today!” reality.

Inside The Academy, you will find practical, inspirational, thoughtful and heart-centred content to connect you to every aspect of art and music history from pre-historic times to modern times.

What you learn inside The Academy will nurture your mind and soul, open your heart and imagination, and inspire you to give yourself the trust to lead with curiosity, playfulness and creativity in everything you do. 

So how does it work? The Academy teaching philosophy is broken into the following framework:



Are you a deep-thinking soul with a head-spinning with creativity who loves to learn, daydream and imagine the possibilities and wonders of the world around you? Me too!

In the Academy, your insatiably beautiful and curious mind will be nurtured, inspired and developed by learning about the rich historical context and setting for the works of the artists and musicians that we meet.



At its heart, the arts are about discovering something new within ourselves and then bringing that special something into the world.

In the Academy, we will open our heart to the artists and humans we meet.

Why should we learn with an open heart? Because when you learn and are inspired with an open heart, your life flows with more joy and creativity.



At the end of each month in The Academy, we will think with our hands. As we reflect on the work of the artist and musicians we meet, we will use our creative hands to devise and create a fun, joyful and meaningful creation based on the learnings from our minds and hearts.

You will feel your creativity and joy flow as you use the inspirational works we have explored to create your own beautiful physical piece to treasure as we deepen our exploration of the arts together.


Alli (From a Painting Music and Art Workshop)

Thank you so much, Georgie, for your continued contributions to our world and everything that matters, especially the arts!!! Considering I’ve never done art like this before, I’m so proud of what I’m learning about these artists and how I can have the freedom to apply that to my own creations.

Sarah (from a Painting Music and Art Workshop)

Thank you so much Georgie! And thanks for your constant efforts in growing a community for music and art history — I shared what I made in your class to my friends and they loved it and want to come to the next one with me!

Here’s what you get EVERY single month in The Academy…

This is what you get every single month in The Academy so that you’ll be able to marvel at the magic and miracles all around you. 


Monthly Themes

I take you step-by-step through a monthly theme that fuses the wonders of both music and art history. We’ll spend a month digging into each theme in a beautiful overwhelm free method of teaching that includes video lessons, audio transcripts and downloadable workbooks. At the end of our month, we create a collective physical project based on our learnings that you’ll be able to treasure. 


1-1 Support

We all just want to feel seen, heard and held and I truly believe this should be at the core of all education. I am 100% committed to your joy and happiness whilst exploring the arts. In The Academy, you’ll be able to access personal support from me. You can bring me your questions, and share any obstacles you have for learning about the arts. Think of me as your own personal tour guide in a museum! I pride myself on customer service that is heart and soul-based after running a hair accessory business and a blog for over 10 years.


Exclusive Masterclasses

I love nothing more than connecting with fellow creatives and each month you’ll meet the best experts who will introduce you to a new part of music and art history or a complementary study that relates beautifully to music and art history. 


Exclusive Discounts on other workshops and shop

When you enrol in The Academy, you’ll get exclusive discounts and access to other Painting Music and Art offers, and tons of other offerings! This includes my DIY Art History Guidebooks and in-person and online workshops.

Here’s what’s already happening or coming up in The Academy…

Would you like an exclusive sneak peek into The Academy of  Music and Art history? Here are the topics we’ll be starting with to nurture your mind and soul, open your heart and imagination, and inspire you in all you do:


The Harlem Renaissance

Be enthralled by the art and music of the Harlem Renaissance centred in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, spanning the 1920s and 1930s.



Learn about this union of the senses and how it has inspired some of our most beloved artist and musicians throughout history from Wassily Kandinsky to Lady Gaga!


The Renaissance

There was a strong relationship between music and the visual arts during the Renaissance. Together we’ll learn how they drew inspiration from each other to create a ‘rebirth’ of the arts.


Music and Art in the age of The Pre-Raphaelites

19th century Britain saw a rebirth of British music and art, passionately supported not only by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert but also by the rising new middle-class industrialists and wealthy manufacturers. We’ll dig into what inspired this grand music and art.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.....don't miss out!








Are you ready to open your heart to the music in your paintbrush and welcome the sweet melodies of art history?

No more figuring out the richness of our artistic and musical heritage alone: I’m here to be your personal guide into the arts.